Day 281

Over the years I have met my fair share of people involved in other religions, cults and belief systems.  Just this past week I was stopped by two men who were Jehovah Witness.   I let them give their presentation so I could observe what it felt like being on the receiving end of a spiel.  When the one fellow got to the end of his discombobulated speech from Matthew 19 about not praying repetitively.  I felt a little used.  As if he was just trying to get his words out without really caring about who I was and what my spiritual state was/is.  I was unclear about what he was saying and wondered how they get into so many homes to “convert” others.  They thanked me for listening and shook my hand and that was that.

What a great difference by way of comparison between those men and the heart of the Apostle Paul.  Obviously, the greatest difference would be a personal knowledge of the Savior, but as far as methodology goes, Paul had a heart for the people he spoke to.  He had a desire for them to truly be transformed by Christ for their own good, not his.

In the book of I Corinthians, Paul is having to deal with some weighty things happening in the church, but he doesn’t start out by talking to them as if they are nobodies.  He mentions in the opening verses how that they are enriched in Christ in their knowledge of and their ability to speak about the Lord.  He isn’t just giving a spiel.

Paul goes through a lot of things before coming to 10:31:

Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.

He adds that they shouldn’t give offence or seek their own profit, but the profit of many so that many may be saved.

We shouldn’t be a combatting people to speak to as Christians.  So often we want to argue for the sole purpose of proving we are correct and believe correctly.  But what does it profit us or Heaven if we turn people off to the Lord by our argumentative demeanor?

Let’s never propagate heresy, and let us always speak TRUTH, but let us do so in love.  Love for our fellow man who is someone for whom Christ died.

Had those two JW’s been Christians, and I a lost person, I am afraid I would still be lost because they didn’t really care about me as a person.  I took away a good lesson from that whole experience!

Whatever you do this week, do if for God’s glory and not your own.  God sees us as individuals, so open your eyes to those around you and treat them with His love and try and win them to HIM, for HIM.  The more you dwell in His Word and in His presence, the more you will want to get others to experience the same peace for themselves.

Until Next Time, Lord willing,



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