Day 264

“And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.”  (John 1:14)

This blog has been dedicated this year to the idea of us taking time to dwell in the Lord and His Word.  But today as we “dwell” we are going to look at a time when Jesus came to dwell with us.

The word John uses for dwelt in verse 14 has the idea of pitching a tent.

Pitching and dwelling in a tent is something I know quite a bit about.  This year I have spent my fair share of time pitching a tent with my husband while we travel from church to church.  Sometimes we are at a campground for a couple of weeks.  Sometimes the campground we drive up to is so creepy we wonder if we should have looked further for a better one!  Overall, I am not in my element camping because it is not my favorite thing to use a public toilet and shower.  I don’t like getting up in the middle of the night and walking by flashlight to an old wooden building that is full of bugs and mud while a skunk waddles nearby.  I don’t enjoy flicking caterpillars off of my shoulders and hair every few seconds while making sure they haven’t dropped into my coffee.  It isn’t easy to get dressed for church and run from the tent in the rain to the van.  And sometimes I lay on the blowup mattress and wonder if my back can handle another night.  But I do it because of Brazil.  Brazil is worth everything to me.  I will go through temporary uncomfortableness because there is a place and a people that need to hear about the Lord.

The Lord came and dwelt here among mankind in human form.  We call that incarnation.  His divine presence took on the form of flesh and it was with a purpose.  The tabernacle was a picture of this in the Old Testament.  It was a transportable tent, not very illustrious on the outside, but filled with beauty on the inside where the Holy of Holies was and only the Priest was allowed to see.

John writes of the Lord and His incarnation in such a beautiful way in today’s verse.  He knew Christ on a personal level and describes how he viewed Him….full of grace and truth.

Jesus took time to do a work that could be performed by no other here on earth.  He took this time and suffered the cruelest of hardships and He did it for one reason.


How precious of a thought to think that the Most High God thought you and I were worth everything.  He loves you and me in a way we cannot fathom.

I want us to end this week thinking and dwelling on the thought of how much Christ loves us and how that ought to motivate us to thank Him with our lives and our service for this up coming weekend.

You are loved.  Period.

Until Next Time, Lord willing,


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