Day 251


(On Saturdays and Sundays my blog posts will give you a verse to study. I won’t give you the reference….you have to find it for yourself. I will then ask you some questions)


“Let my soul live, and it shall praise thee; and let thy judgments help me.”


  • After this whole study on the 119th psalm, why do you think the writer is asking God to let his soul live?
  • Would you agree that the Word of God is like a magnifying glass?  It points out the areas of our lives that need spiritual attention?
  • Has this Psalm encouraged you to change something in your life?


If you do not own a concordance or commentary, try downloading the e-sword app to your phone or tablet. This app can be VERY useful when you want to do a word study or find a verse when you are on the go.

Until Next Time, Lord willing,


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