Day 242

“LORD, I have hoped for thy salvation, and done thy commandments.”  (Psalms 119:166)

For the past 165 verses we have watched the psalmist talked about God and His Word.  We have seen him go through different things, but the Holy Spirit has inspired him to write his thoughts out.  And it has all led up to what he says today; he is hoping in God and he is doing what God has told him to do.

You and I can dwell in the Word and in the Lord as we go through this life and it will generate hope in God.

Thinking on God’s Word and daily letting It wash through our thoughts will not lead to further turmoil, but rather a peace in knowing God will take care of us at the perfect moment.  No, it is no fun to wait on a test result and then hear that it is bad news.  But as a Christian we are not without hope.  We know that God already knew the outcome and He will conduct the process we are about to endure.  We can have hope.

No, it is no fun to find out that your pastor has fallen into sin or even committed suicide because he was depressed.  Things of this nature cause Christians to wonder if their Spiritual leader and shepherd can’t make it, how can they?  But thankfully our hope isn’t resting only in man, but in God the Father Who has never given us a reason to wonder or fear.  We can have hope.

No, it is no fun to be betrayed by a spouse, a best friend, or even family.  It is grueling and  the wounds seem to bleed on forever.  But if we look to the Word, we know that the Balm of Gilead is there for us.  It can soothe the rawness of the pain that presses down on our inner most beings.  We can have hope that God will make all things new again and continue to give us peace day by day in the fact that He will never betray us and He will never leave us.  We can have hope.

No, it is definitely no fun to watch your children go off from home and do things you know will cause them pain.  But we can rest in the knowledge of the promises of God that they will not depart from what we have taught them concerning the Scriptures.  We can have hope.

No matter what the situation in front of you today, hope in God and do what is right.  Follow Him.  Trust in Him.  Have Hope.

Until Next Time, Lord willing,


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