Day 240

“Seven times a day do I praise thee because of thy righteous judgments.”  (Psalms 119:164)

I have to admit that I am convicted by today’s verse.  The Holy Spirit poked me real good in my heart over this thought of praising God and having a thankful heart.

In my line of work I constantly am writing thank-you notes.  I thank ladies groups, churches, pastor’s wives and so on, for things they have done or given me.  I search for cute thank-you cards so that it is something pretty for the one receiving it.  But have I been doing the same for the One Who is allowing my fingers to tap across the keyboard right now?  Have I sent Him a praise or thank-you note today?

The psalmist makes note (being inspired by the Holy Ghost) that he takes time to praise God daily.  This should be an example to you and me!  We need to praise God more than just when something wonderful happens.  We need to Praise and thank Him for giving us another day to praise Him and live for Him.

You may be in the middle of a terrible situation right now.  Maybe your heart is so heavy that you can actually feel it being weighed down in your chest.  Circumstances have changed, dreams are gone, and you have decisions to make.  But I urge you, ask yourself, “Has God left me?”

The answer is “No”.

God hasn’t even gone to sleep or lazily napped during your life.  He is well aware of what you are facing and He is at work in not only your life, but the lives of everyone involved presently….AND IN THE FUTURE.  He is filling your lungs with air right now and allowing your eyes to fill with tears because He needs you to fulfill His purpose.  You should thank Him.  Praise Him for whatever it is He is doing.  Thank Him for His Righteous Judgements.

Why?  Because it is all for good (Romans 8:28)

Maybe you are not in a storm and today is just another ordinary work day either at home or out in an office or classroom.  Who do you think provided you with the job?  Who do you think provided you with the clothes you are wearing? The car you will drive? The gas for the car?  God.  You should thank Him.

My whole mission right now is to help my husband raise our support so we can get back to Brazil.  I also have a daughter getting married in 4 months.  I have a stack of office work to do today as well as a trip to the laundromat to make.  I have a backpack to buy, meals to cook and Bible studies to write.  I believe it is vitally important for me to stop and thank the Lord for Who He is.  I need to stop and think about all He has allowed me to do for Him and in His power.  I need to find time throughout my day and praise Him for the churches we have in Brazil, the people He allowed me to cross paths with there and the little yellow farm house sitting out along BR 282 waiting for me to get back to soon.  My life is not mine, it is His and that alone causes the eyes of my heart to look upward and the voice of my soul sing praises to my King.

Do you have a thankful heart today?  If not, sit and think on Him and what He has done for a while.  It will change your attitude.

Until Next Time, Lord willing,


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