Day 239

“I hate and abhor lying: but thy law do I love.”  (Psalms 119:163)

We have spent a long time in this chapter learning about the Word of God.  I like how as we are coming into the final stretch that the psalmist says something so cut and dry.  He hates the lies of false religion and he loves God’s Truth.

As a missionary I have seen the effects of false religions and the power they have over people.  It can strangle their minds all the way to hell, never once letting up or letting go. And person after person dies in their sin, never trusting the work done on Calvary for them.

I want to encourage you to keep trying to tell people about the Lord.  If you love the Word of God, then you will want to do what it says.  Jesus said for us to love our neighbors, so what greater way to love on someone than introducing them to Christ?

Take a stack of tracts with you every where you go, knock on a door, talk to people, just spread the TRUTH of God’s Word some way, somehow, somewhere to someone.  Let’s not just say we hate and abhor the lies of false religion, let’s combat those lies before they drag another person into enternity without the Lord.

The verse today is very simple and it points again to the fact that God’s precious Word is truth.  Start this week relying on It, obeying it and spreading It to others.

Until Next Time, Lord willing,


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