Day 235

“Consider how I love thy precepts: quicken me, O LORD, according to thy lovingkindness.”  (Psalms 119:159)

John Phillips says, “Devotion to the Word is not the same as devotion to the Lord.”

This statement made me really think.

It is true that we should be in the Word everyday to know what It says, but if we never go a little further and ask God to quicken us and make us alive to DO what the Word says, then we are failures.

I know an elderly gentleman who has read the Bible from cover to cover many times over, yet he still prays to the saints, the Virgin Mary and worships spirits.  The “quickening” has not happened inside his spirit through salvation.  I find this very sad.  I have watched my husband plead with him on various occasions to think about what the Bible says and yet the man will not see Jesus as the Only way to the Father.

Could it be that we as Christians can be similarly as thick headed?  Do we go through the motions of daily devotions, walk in our bubble and never once actually DO what the Bible commands us to do as Christians?

I was recently participating in a Bible study where the new Christian being discipled couldn’t relate to some of the verses mentioned in the study because they said they had not read that particular book yet.  They were still working their way through the Bible.  There was such an innocence to their speech that it made me remember what it was like to be a new Christian reading the Truth for the first time.

I think the psalmist feels that desire to ACT on the precepts that he loves.  He wants God to quicken him and help him.  He didn’t want to remain where he was and become stunted in his growth!  He wanted to flourish and he knew it would only happen THROUGH the help of God.

Let’s dwell in the Scripture, but then get up, ask God to quicken us and DO what He says!

Until Next Time, Lord willing,


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