Day 232

“Great are thy tender mercies, O LORD: quicken me according to thy judgments.”  (Psalms 119:156)

I wonder if the psalmist is in awe of this compassionate quality of God or is he looking at his own life, realizing how kind God has been to him and then saying, “Great are thy tender mercies…”?

For me, I look at my life and I have to say, “Wow, God!  Thank you for how merciful, gracious and longsuffering you have been with me!”  And for that reason I can agree full heartedly with this verse and echo the sentiment proclaimed towards the Lord.

Has God been good to you?

Has God forgiven you?

Has God allowed you to still serve Him?

Me too.

We should never take it for granted or forget His mercies shown in our lives.  This blog is about dwelling in Him, so we should take some time today and dwell in the memories of ALL the times God has taken pity on us, shown mercy when we DESERVED judgment and thank Him for What kind of AWESOME God He really is.

Having a thankful heart towards the Lord will cause us to ask Him to quicken those dead, cold spaces we have in our lives.  We will WANT the Word to find these areas in our heart and point them out.

If you think seeing the goodness of God’s mercy is a license to continue sinning against Him, your perspective is off.  And that is why I am asking each of you to take just a few moments and recap your life in your mind.

Think.  Really think about what it was like to live outside of the perfect will of God.  Remember how miserable it was?  Remember how you pretended His Holy Spirit wasn’t convicting you?

Well, that was when God was being completely merciful to you.  He could have reached down and squashed you, but He didn’t.

We ought to remember that the next time we get high handed with other people in our lives and think we know how to resolve their lives in our sinful pride.  We would be better off looking INWARD and asking God to resolve our OWN selves.  That is exactly what the psalmist is doing.  He wants God to quicken him through the Word.

We are coming down to the final stretch of this series on Psalm 119.  September 9th will be the end before we return to a regular study through the rest of 2018.  I am determined now, more than ever, to keep the Word a priority in my own life.  I hope you will do the same.

God is good and He sure has been better to each of us than we deserve.  Thank Him for it sometime today.

Until Next Time, Lord willing,


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