Day 229

“RESH. Consider mine affliction, and deliver me: for I do not forget thy law.”  (Psalms 119:153)

The older I get, the more nostalgic I get.

I see young families struggling with their car seats and diaper bags and my heart twinges and longs for those days that are now long gone.

I stare at babies in the line at grocery stores and say silly things to them as their eyes peek above their mommy’s shoulder at me.  It gives me all the feels as they say in todays vernacular.

I suppose I am just ready for grandchildren.

There were so many times when my little Amelia would walk up to me with something she needed help with that her little fingers could not do.  Her sweet voice would say, “Mommy, hep?”  Meaning “Mommy would you help me?”  I never once considered her plight and turned my head, but immediately would bend over, smooth her dark curls and gather her into my arms.

I can think of similar instances with all three of my other children.  Even when they had done something that had gotten them into a mess.  Thoughts of Sam covered in Vaseline comes to mind, and memories of Katie and a dozen broken eggs and Wyatt with a broken arm….they all came to me in need of my “Consideration” of their plight.  Never once did I turn them away in anger or disgust.  Each time I did my best to come to their aid.

If I have the capability in my sinful human flesh to love my four children in that manner, then what do you suppose is the love God has for you and me?

What do you think God’s reaction is when we wave our hands towards the Heavens and say, “Hey LORD, I’m in a real mess!  Could you get me out of it?”

Sure, not all affliction is self imposed and God sees and allows what occurs in our lives, but He is never so callous to leave us without Hope and Help.  His Word is settled forever, He is our Shield and our Salvation, He will never leave us nor forsake us, and on top of all that….He has told us to cast our cares upon Him.

The psalmist didn’t forget the promises of old that he had been taught, and you and I have a more complete collection of those promises today.  Let us remember Them and Dwell in them so that when we find ourselves in a pickle we can say, “ABBA, help” and be confident that He will.

Until Next Time, Lord willing,


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