Day 215

“My zeal hath consumed me, because mine enemies have forgotten thy words.”  (Psalms 119:139)

I have a really, really bad memory.  Like, I am not even kidding.  I am not talking about forgetting to turn the lights out or unplug something, I am referring to entire events in my life that others can recall in detail, but to me it never even happened.  I have forgotten whole moments that sound so interesting, but no matter how deep I reach into the recesses of my mind, I can’t recall them ever having happened.

Alzheimers is a disease that I am scared to death of getting.  I play memory games, do puzzles and write down things in order to combat ever losing all my memories.  It is a big deal to me.  My children joke with me about it, but they all know I take it very seriously.

There is one thing I don’t ever want to be guilty of forgetting though, and that is God’s Word.  One of the reasons I believe I forget some things is because I have not rehearsed it over in my mind.  Therefore, I KNOW I must stay in God’s Word or I will forget some of what It says and teaches.  And the very thing I forget, may end up being what could save me from a nuclear bomb going off in my soul.

While I believe that some Christians get out of the habit of daily Bible reading which causes them to forget what God has said, and subsequently causes them to err in their living; I also believe some Christians cast God’s Word away from their thoughts on purpose.  Sin has taken such a deep hold and root on them that they don’t want to think about what God has said about it and they purposefully forget His Word.

This is what the psalmist is talking about and it has made him upset.  He sees the lack of respect and care for God’s Word.  He knows from personal experience where it will take people and he wants to do all he can to keep them from suffering the way he has.

I hope we never forget or cast away God’s Word.  And the first step towards making sure these things happen is to DWELL in God, all the time. The moment you sense a coldness seeping in, combat it with all you have and don’t forget all God has brought you through!

Until Next time, Lord willing,


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