Day 205

“PE. Thy testimonies are wonderful: therefore doth my soul keep them.”  Psalms 119:129

Earlier today I stood in my friend’s kitchen while she explained to me the recipe for making pasta dough.  We stood there by her kitchen sink and I listened as she explained the measurements according to how many people I would be feeding and how to carefully work with the flour and semolina.  She didn’t do the work for me as we went about preparing, but told me what to do.

I mixed the two flours and made a little well before beginning to add eggs.  I cracked the fresh eggs into a bowl first and we came across a bad one.  She told me what to do in this situation and we averted disaster.

She told me to begin mixing the dough and kneading it as I went.  There seemed to be a lot of dry flour, but I kept kneading.  She knew it was going to take just a little more work to get it all mixed.  Eventually it rounded up into a nice yellow ball.  Gina, my friend, said it was looking perfect.  We placed it under a wet towel and left it while we went to gather mussels from the seashore.  Several hours later we returned and she told me to start kneading the dough once more.  I worked the dough and worked the dough.  Finally it was time for me to learn how to cut and press it through the roller.

I rolled and rolled while Gina patiently guided me.  She cheered me on as I passed through each new step.  Again, she never did the work for me, I had to practice and learn.  She left out no detail and even showed me a better way to use a plastic board that would bend in order to slide the noodles into the pot to cook.

Hours later, I sat down with Gina and her family and we partook of meal we had put together.  It was awesome.

This experience is so perfect for today’s blog.

The psalmist has realized that God’s Word is there to guide and instruct him.  It has not failed him and now he wants to keep obeying It for good.

The Bible is God’s way to teach us and expertly guide us as we live our individual lives.  All of us have different backgrounds, situations, and hang ups.  We know we need help to put His Word into practice as we face our days.  The psalmist has proven God’s Word and found it to be the very “recipe” he needs.

Gina didn’t interfere with my making of the spaghetti today, but she knew what to look for and guided me until the end.  The outcome was so perfect that I won’t ever want to follow another recipe.  I trust hers and I learned from her.

You and I are NOT alone on this journey called Life.  We have a Heavenly Father watching over us, offering us His teachings and guiding us until the end.  Our part in this is to follow what He has said in His Word.

Follow on in God’s Word.  Don’t try and work things out for yourself because you will probably make a mess of it.

Until Next Time, Lord willing,



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