Day 204

“Therefore I esteem all thy precepts concerning all things to be right; and I hate every false way.”  Psalms 119:128

This verse means absolutely nothing to the person that does not believe in the Bible as their sole Authority.

As a spiritually born again believer, I have chosen to put my faith and my trust in Jesus Christ for my salvation.   I do not believe anything or anyone else can have a part in my going to heaven to spend an eternity with God.  There is no wavering on this subject for me because the Holy Spirit of God confirmed it in my heart the moment I realized I was a sinner and accepted Christ as the One and the ONLY One Who could save me from those sins.

But why do I believe that?  Why can I continue with my life as a missionary in Brazil?  What gives me the conviction to live for a God I have never seen and have never heard audibly speak?

His Word.

I believe that every other person ever born before me (not including Jesus) and every person that will be born after me is just as much as a wicked sinner as I am.  I believe they all were and all will be destitute and in need of Savior.  There is no good found in man on his own.  You can’t make me believe it, I don’t care how morally they live, people sin and they are imperfect. (Of course we all know some who act as though they don’t ever sin, trust me, they do and the Holy Spirit convicts them of it just like He does you and me)

So if everyone is a sinner, how can I place my trust in what book they have written, what religion they have founded and what teachings they have taught?  I can’t.  I won’t.

Jesus Christ, the Word according to John 1, is the Only One Who has lived on this earth without sin and then done something for me that NO one else has ever done.  He loved me with an untainted love, an unconditional love and a never ending love.  He proved that love for me when He died on the cross as an act of payment for my sins.  He didn’t ask anything of me for what He did, He just loved me and He died for me.  And He didn’t stop there!  He then conquered death for me!  NO OTHER person has EVER done this for me.  NONE!  He rose up from His grave and He brought me NEW life.

Jesus didn’t just do these things for me, He also inspired and preserved His Word for me so I can get to know Him better before my eternity begins.  He doesn’t beat me over the head with the Bible, He simply offers it to me as a help to know how to live here on this sin filled earth.  He knew and knows that I would have to make decisions in this flesh.  He knew and knows that I would need hope, healing and be heard.  He gave me the Word so that I can be assured of all those things.

I don’t need the teachings of some other human who contradicts the Bible, because they never loved me, they never gave their life for me and they sure don’t give me power to live this life from day to day.

I can’t depend on myself to think and act correctly either.  I CANNOT get myself to Heaven.  I am too wicked.  As good and as moral as I try to live, I still sin against my Righteous and Holy God.  Without Jesus Christ, I am hopeless.

So I agree with today’s verse, I love the Bible, I trust it as my absolute authority and It helps me see and hate every false way.

The Bible is precious.  It is sitting on the bed in front of me as I type and my heart longs to be pouring over It’s pages.  My soul yearns to know just a little bit more about this One who loves me.  Silly, spontaneous, awkward me.  He loves me.  He wants ME to spend the rest of eternity with Him.  He wants ME to know Him on a personal and real level.

Is the Bible your abosolute authority?

Are you listening to teachings of men BEFORE studying what God has to say?  Be careful.

Dwell in His Word and let HIS Word and His Spirit be what you trust before anything else.

Until Next Time, Lord willing,



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