Day 198

“Be surety for thy servant for good: let not the proud oppress me.”  Psalms 119:122

Back when I was a young college student around 30 years ago, I got myself into some hot water.  Oh, I know, that comes as a great big surprise! Ha!  Those of you who know me personally are probably laughing and saying, “Yep, sounds just like her!”  And you would be correct.

I was in danger of being expelled from Bible college for good.  I was really struggling as a Christian, but decided to just go to the Lord and ask Him for help.  I repented of my careless ways and truly left myself at the mercy of God.  I had not yet met my husband and felt alone in the world as I tried to figure out what to do next.

Little did I know, the late Dr. Jack Hyles, who was the founder of the college had called my parents.  My parents explained to him my situation and told him that I was trying to do what was right.  He listened, but we had no answer as to wether or not I would be allowed to return.

My “oppressors” rose up and wanted to make sure I failed at serving the Lord.  These oppressors were in people form and thought form.  It was kind of an awful time in my life.  I didn’t know how to explain it all in theological terms, but I knew that if God didn’t help me, NO ONE would.

The day of the vote to expel me came.  The President and Vice President voted to put me out on my bum.  And frankly, I deserved it, so I was in agreement.  But Dr. Hyles overruled them both and said he was allowing me to come back into college ON HIS NAME.

I’ll never forget going to his office and him telling me with a twinkle in his eyes that he was letting me back in.  He told me he didn’t care where I had been, but about where I was right then.  He knew I was just an immature punk of a college kid, but I believe the Holy Spirit persuaded him to stand up for me.  That next year I went on to turn my life around, meet my husband and eventually graduate.  The rest is history.

In our verse today the psalmist asks God to act on his behalf and protect him from his oppressors.  That is exactly what I prayed for God to do and He used Dr. Hyles to do it.  I am forever grateful because that one act of kindness on Bro. Hyles part has taught me more about grace and mercy than I ever thought possible.  It was the turning point in my spiritual life and I will never forget it.

Do you need God to make himself a surety for you?  Do you need Him to act on your behalf?  Just ask Him.  Plead with Him.  Dwell in His Word as you wait.

My God is so Big and so Mighty.  There is NOTHING my God cannot do.

Until Next Time, Lord willing,



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