Day 192

“Uphold me according unto thy word, that I may live: and let me not be ashamed of my hope.”  Psalms 119:116

In Brazil we use white plastic chairs for our seating in church.  Each week for years, the children and I would wipe down and set up rows of white plastic chairs. As I write this I can hear the sound they make when slid across tiled floors.  We use them because they are cheap and easy to set out for whatever type of service we are going to have.

But, because these chairs are cheap, that also means they don’t last forever.

One Wednesday night in Bible study, our church members were all sitting in their white chairs which had been placed in a circle fashion.  We were sharing prayer requests before my husband taught the Bible lesson.  I was seated across from one of our faithful ladies, Miss Tere, who happens to be a tall, stout black lady.  She was commenting about a lady she had talked with about the Lord that day in the doctors office.

As this sister was sharing her burden, she suddenly grasped her Bible, held it to her chest and looked at me with a weird grin.  I looked at her and noticed that, ever so slightly, the white plastic chair she was on was leaning backwards.  Before I knew it, all I saw was Sister Tere’s two dark feet in the air as the chair completely collapsed beneath her.  We all ran to see if she was okay and she began to laugh because she had held on to her big Bible all the way and was still clinging to it while upside down.

In today’s verse, the psalmist is asking God to uphold him.  He just stated in a previous verse that he hopes in God’s word and as he is “leaning” on It, he pleads with God to use It in his life.

I know I find that life holds a LOT of quick turns, don’t you?  One day you are good and then the next day, life can be slinging you around and down a steep cliff before you have time to have a cup of coffee.  It is during these moments of quick decision that we ought to confidently LEAN on God’s Word.  We don’t even have to know the outcome, but we can trust the One leading us to it.

I don’t like to get all “preachy” in this blog, I leave that for actual preachers to do that behind a pulpit on Sunday.  But I do like to share practical things that will generate wise decisions based on God’s Word.  We often think that the following verse is just for preachers or Bible teachers:

“All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:”  2 Timothy 3:16

But it isn’t!  This verse is applicable to you and me every single day! When we read the Word, we can ask God to do these things in our hearts!  That is what being upheld by His Word is all about!  He gave us the Bible so that we can be instructed on how to become, how to live, how to cope, and how to be fruitful as His Children.  And then He is so good to leave us with the promise that one day, He will just snatch us all up from out of this earth and take us to live with Him for the rest of eternity!

He upholds us, even when life seems to buckle beneath us like that white plastic chair did to sister Tere.  She may have ended up on the floor, but her hands were wound tight around God’s Word.  That is exactly how I want to be during the trials that I face.  The enemy may come along and yank the carpet out from underneath me, but I can base my next quick decision on what I know to be true in God’s Word!

Lean on the Word today.  You can trust It completely!

Until Next Time, Lord willing,


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