Day 187

“Thy testimonies have I taken as an heritage for ever: for they are the rejoicing of my heart.”  Psalms 119:111

Can you hear the lilt in the psalmist voice as he pens these words?  Can you sense the joy bubbling in his heart as he realizes that nothing else has mattered, nothing else has helped, only the Word of God?

When we read the Word and the Holy Spirit speaks to us in a manner that no fellow man can, we know that rejoicing that is spoken of here in this verse.  Oh the delights to be had within the pages of The Scriptures!

Recently at a missions conference at the church I grew up in, a young man walked up to me and handed me a present.  His grandfather, my former pastor, had recently passed away. As this man was going through his grandfather’s belongings he came across a ton of American flag pins, but only one Brazilian flag pin.  He wanted me to have it.  That pin made my heart melt.  I love having something of Dr. Blooms that I can cherish and one day leave to my own children.  It makes me happy just thinking about it.

Dr. Bloom was preaching the night I got saved.  He also was a WW2 Veteran.  That means I owe him for my freedom as an American and as a Child of God.  So you can see, this Brazilian flag pin is priceless to me.

But my flag pin still doesn’t compare to the way I feel when the preserved, God-breathed words in the Bible reach out and soothe my soul.

The Word of God is the greatest heritage you and I could ever possess.  Let’s not let it lay on a table and gather dust, but let us envelope our lives in It and dwell in the Lord daily, rejoicing for such a treasure as His Word!

What makes your heart rejoice today?

Until Next Time, Lord willing,


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