Day 185

“My soul is continually in my hand: yet do I not forget thy law.”  Psalms 119:109

At this very moment there is a man traveling on a river through the jungles of Northwestern Brazil.  This Brazilian man was saved many years ago and has followed after God with his whole heart as he has tried to reach his own countrymen with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

(I have omitted this man’s name for his own protection)

We met him when we first arrived on the field in the Amazon.  He was the one who took the time to teach my husband how to minister to the villages along the rivers of the Rio Negro.  I’m not sure there is a missionary that I admire or have more respect for than this man of God.  He has never tried to “put on”, show off or anything of that nature in all the years I have known him.  He and his wife are content to serve the Lord and not man.  They live humbly and would be considered very poor by American standards.

You may not know him, but I can guarantee you that you will be amazed one day in Heaven when you see the multitudes of people this pastor has brought to the Lord during his lifetime.

Last week he kissed his wife goodbye and headed out on a boat towards a river system that has been closed to us for many, many years.  I have heard stories of missionaries and Christians being poisioned by those who live in the villages along this river.  The government closed the entire region off to would be intruders on the indigenious lands and the borders are protected by many official checkpoints.  Matter of fact, the only way an outsider can enter these areas is by receiving an official invite by someone who lives there.  Even then, the government has to grant official permission as well.

Recently, as I have heard the story told, a man living in this closed region traveled to a village somewhere else and “happened” to hear the Gospel.  He accepted Christ as his Savior and wants someone to come and tell his people about the Lord.  He heard of our pastor friend and he extended an official invitation for him to come visit him.  And now, the pastor is on his way to take the powerful Gospel to this region.

This man’s life is in his hands as this verse says.  He knows the dangers that lie in his path.  The geography alone will be an obstacle because the rivers in that area are full of rapids and large boulders.  My husband has been in similar situations and he will attest, anything can go wrong.  There are also indigenous tribes of people in the jungles who have never been contacted.

Our friend does not know if he will be well received or even come to harm, but it is his genuine love for God and a hearts desire to see his countrymen saved that pushes him to go and give it a try.

Mark and I are in awe of how God has opened these doors for this man to take the Word of God.  We know it is not easy, but we too are desiring to see many come to know the Lord because of this man’s efforts.

The psalmist is reflecting in similar fashion on how many dangers there are in his life, but the one thing that drives him and leads him is God’s Law.  That is so beautiful to me.  Once again, this psalm has spurred my innermost being to continue to seek to do more for my Lord and His cause.

Pray for this man and his wife.  Pray for the many who are about to hear the Old old story told for the first time.

Until Next Time, Lord willing,


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