Day 180

“Through thy precepts I get understanding: therefore I hate every false way.”  Psalms 119:104

Some of the greatest moments I have shared in Brazil have been in the kitchen of new converts.  Not only is that usually where our Bible study is held, but it is also where I stand beside the ladies and learn how to make their different foods.  I have learned to make: Paçoca de pinhão, Feijoada, Agnoline, Pudim, Brigadeiros, Entreveiro, Moqueca, and many other dishes.

I am mostly a southern cook, so I know how to season and fry chicken like my grandmas did, but there are some methods of cooking that I had not developed until my Brazilian friends showed me what they did and it taught me a better way to bring out flavors for a dish.  One example is my chicken and rice.  I always made chicken and rice by boiling my seasoned chicken pieces and then when they were cooked, I deboned them and added the rice until done.  And it was good that way, but one day I watched my friend Rosie make it in Lages and learned something even better.

Rosie used the drumstick from wings and tossed them in some seasoning and flour.  She set them aside and chopped up garlic, onions and some green onions.  She heated the oil in her pot and threw the garlic and onions in to sauté them and then added her chicken pieces.  She let those flavors meld and cook a bit before adding her water and other seasonings.  After the chicken was cooked to tenderness, she would add the rice little by little letting it all come together before sprinkling it with the chopped green onion.  That is the best chicken and rice I have ever eaten!  So now, it is the only way I will make it.  I got “understanding” by following her recipe.

The psalmist said he has gotten understanding from the Word of God and it has made him hate what is false.  He has seen the Truth, tasted the Truth and learned from the Truth to the point he doesn’t want ANYTHING to do with the wrong way.  That’s what I want in my life.

There is so much false teaching out in the world today and at our fingertips here on the internet that a person can get led astray pretty quick like if they don’t keep everything aligned with Truth.  Let’s Dwell in God more and more so we can’t even stomach the thought of departing from what He has said in His Word!

Until Next Time, Lord willing,


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