Day 176

“I understand more than the ancients, because I keep thy precepts.”  Psalms 119:100

Just the other day I remarked to my husband that it used to be when you saw an older person, you could assume they were a Christian or had respect to Christian values.  Not so today.  Used to be when you bowed your head to pray in a restaurant and an older couple was near you, they would give you a nod, agreeing with your decision to pray.  Not so today, you are more than likely to get a cold stare if not an out right look of disgust.

Growing older may mean that a person has more experience, but if that experience is forged in error, then they are not necessarily wiser.  On the contrary, they just may have become more foolish.

I remember the sermons of preachers in my youth and how they would urge us as young people to cleanse the errors of our ways and give our lives to Christ.  We would flood the altars and make decisions towards that end.  But today it seems that every church I visit while being back in the US for furlough, the altars are empty.  People stand around—old and young— and they refuse to bend a knee and make a change.

Today’s verse makes me re-examine my heart.  Am I sticking to His precepts?  Am I learning and understanding more or have I gone the way of the foolish hearted?

I believe any person who is saved can gain wisdom in the Word of God.  Young, Middle-aged or Hoary headed.  We all have the same access to God the Father and His precepts laid out in His letter to us call the Bible.  His Holy Spirit doesn’t pick and choose who He will fill and teach, but is available to all who will yield themselves to Him.

Today is my wedding anniversary and I am going to be celebrating half my life that has been lived with my husband.  I know him more now than I did when I was 24 and that is because these past 24 years WITH him as his wife has taught me much about his person. I hope that I have grown in my knowledge of the Lord more than I have Mark though.  It would be a shame to waste my earthly time not getting to know the One with Whom I will spend eternity.

Let’s dwell in Him more and grow wiser in Him.

Until Next Time, Lord willing,


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