Day 169

“I will never forget thy precepts: for with them thou hast quickened me.”  Psalms 119:93

There have been many times over my life since I have been saved that God renewed my spirit and my thoughts by using His Word.  There have also been times that He caused me to really see that it was HIM working in my life by using His Word.

One such time was when I was about 26 years old.  I was a young mother of one and pregnant with my second.  I spent my days preparing our little house in Gary IN for our new baby while Mark drove a lumber truck in Chicago Heights.  Those were hard days but good days.  I would chase Katie around the yard and house until she tired out then I would fold laundry and clean up whatever gigantic mess Katie had managed to make.  I’d cook a meager dinner and wait for Mark to come home and we would go to the library to check out books on different countries in the world.

You see, Mark and I had recently graduated from Bible college and we were seeking God’s will for our lives as missionaries.  We had been planning on going to Lebanon but the doors to that country had closed, so we told God to show us where in the world He wanted us.

We checked out books about Albania, Canada, Haiti, Russia, Dominique, etc.  We would pray over each one and study about it’s history and culture and statistics.  But then one day God sent someone by to talk to us about Brazil.  A man by the name of Doug Kalapp spoke with my husband about the need for missionaries in the Amazon.  Then another missionary from southern Brazil came by our house and asked us to come work with them.  So, we ran to the library and checked out books about the Amazon and the country of Brazil in general.  I chuckle when I think back to trying to pronounce the names of cities there because I had no idea that one of them would be where my youngest son would be born.

Once Mark and I began praying about Brazil, something started happening inside each of us.  We felt pressed to keep praying and before long, several weeks had passed.  Early one morning Mark left for work and I went about cleaning our house and caring for Katie when I began thinking about what it would be like to be a missionary in the Amazon.  I don’t remember what I was doing, but I stopped and opened my Bible and began to read.  All the while I was praying about God’s will for my family.  After a while, my eyes landed on the following verse:

“There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacles of the most High.”  Psalms 46:4

Now, this verse had absolutely NOTHING to do with the Amazon, yet oddly enough, does speak of God’s provision.  I cannot explain to you what happened when I read it, but God settled the calling to Brazil in my heart that day with this verse.  I couldn’t wait for Mark to come home so I could talk to him about it.

Later that evening my husband unlocked the front door and walked in tired from his day.  We sat down to eat our little dinner and Katie busied herself with food in her high chair.  Mark and I began discussing our day and he said, “Sheri, there is something I want to share with you.”  I could tell there was something on his heart and I told him I had something to talk about as well.  I can’t remember who said it first, but Mark said God had been plowing in his heart and while waiting for his truck to be unloaded he had been reading the Bible.  Want to take a guess at what verse he read?

“There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacles of the most High.”  Psalms 46:4

Yep.  God had been working on Mark as well.

This has never happened to us again in such similarity.  But God used His Word to quicken Mark and I about Brazil.

My point with all of this is that God’s Word is more than an accessory for you to carry to church on Sunday morning.

The Word is more than just a pretty book for your nightstand.

God wants to work in your life, your heart and your mind.  And He will use His Word to do it.

I have to agree with the psalmist as he says in the first part of today’s verse, “I will never forget thy precepts: for with them thou hast quickened me.”  I will never forget what God has said He will do in His Word.  Why?  Because of all the times He has used it in my personal life.

Imagine if all those years ago I had folded my laundry and decided to watch Days of Our Lives instead of read the Bible?  I would have missed out on one of the greatest moments of my calling as a missionary.

Do you know how many times I have doubted my call to Brazil?  ZERO.  Even in the hardest, most difficult moments, I still recall that day when God settled it in my heart and in my husband’s heart.

What if we ignore the Word?  What are we missing?

Be sure to start out this week with a conscious effort to READ and DWELL in the Holy Word of God.  Don’t let Satan distract you from what is important.

God is faithful and just.  He will help you sort your life if you will just open that Bible you  have and let Its Words begin to fill your heart and mind.

Wonder what He wants to do in your heart today?

Don’t miss out!

Until Next Time, Lord willing,


5 thoughts on “Day 169

  1. Sharon Loyd

    Excellent! I need to go back through my Bible and write down specific verses God has directly given to me about major decisions in my life and for others as well. It just came as I read and all the while God looks at us, waiting for us, to pick His Word up, read, and obey. His Mouth… His Word.


  2. Ana Lawhon

    Hi Sheri!
    Just on our way back from GA, I was thinking: Man, I wished I had asked Sheri how did God called them to Brazil! haha and here it is. But also, I’ve been trying to get back to a more profound reading of the Word. See, these past 2 years have been crazy busy (and I know everybody is!), but to me, more than being tired or tied up with work, baby, and home, i feel sad that I haven’t been reading my Bible as I used to when I was single. This has been a great encouragement for me today. Can’t wait to get home and open my pretty Bible in that nightstand! haha.

    Liked by 1 person

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