Day 163

“They had almost consumed me upon earth; but I forsook not thy precepts.”  Psalms 119:87

The psalmist has found himself pressed down to the point of no strength but he has determined in his heart to do what was right.  He was going to keep obeying the laws God had set.  He wasn’t going to start worshipping an idol, listening to false religions or bend his knee to anything that wasn’t the Great I AM.  And in order to NOT FORSAKE what God has instituted means that the writer of this chapter kept his eyes on the Truth at all cost.  He didn’t just have a “come what may” attitude about his spiritual life; he was determined to stay the course.

I can’t say that I have suffered any type of persecution for the sake of the Gospel that has almost consumed me or caused me to faint for the heaviness of it.  I have been laughed at, yelled at, made fun of and had the door slammed in my face, but constant persecution has not been something I am acquainted with like the psalmist apparently was experiencing in today’s verse.  But I can learn from what he did DURING this time of persecution.  He kept right on believing AND DOING WHAT WAS COMMANDED in God’s Word.

Years ago, I had an older neighbor that would tell my husband and me of the persecution he endured as a young Christian.  The towns and villages of the rivers were mostly Catholic controlled and they were not welcoming to any other religion that contradicted their system of beliefs.

Our neighbor had heard about Jesus Christ and become a Christian.  An American Missionary had come up the river and organized a group of believers and planted an Independent Fundamental Baptist church.  This man joined in this assembly of believers and began to grow as a Christian. The church would gather together in their small building and the Catholics would converge in the streets around them chanting, “Enemies of Mary! Enemies of Mary!” while hurling rocks onto the roof of the church, disrupting the preaching of God’s Word.  The local priest would not allow the Christians to attend the local school OR get treated at the clinic.  It was a time of great hatred towards those who had chosen Christ by grace through faith.

It was a time of persecution.

I had the privilege of knowing the families of these fierce Christians who withstood the trials of their time and keep believing in Christ and the Word.  It has encouraged me to see the advancement of the Gospel because those brothers and sisters in Christ didn’t forsake the Word, even when they were sorely persecuted.

The enemy will never stop trying to stop us from propagating the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  He will stop at nothing in order to discourage you from talking to someone about the Lord.

Find out what the Bible commands us to do as believers.  Study for yourself what God desires for you as His child.  And when someone comes along and persecuted you for your stand in the Lord, keep right on doing what is right!  (Study Ephesians 6) If you are already dwelling in the Word and constantly taking spiritual nourishment from the Scriptures, you will find that it is IN GOD that your strength lies when the battle gets hot and hopefully, in the end you will be able to say:

“All this is come upon us; yet have we not forgotten thee, neither have we dealt falsely in thy covenant.”  Psalms 44:17

Until Next Time, Lord willing,


2 thoughts on “Day 163

  1. Sharon Loyd

    Amen! I read in Job 31:4 that God sees my ways and counts all my steps. I like that! Job was defending himself of false accusations of another sort, but the principle still remains that…..God sees MY ways and He counts MY steps. Every step we make He is there, sees and acknowledges it whether persecuted or not! I don’t think we have long before real, hard persecution will come to all of us believers! Dwell, live in His Word.


  2. Tayma

    O how I need remined daily. I feel so weak and lazy letring my burdens become my life instead of living with victory that the Lord has already won.


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