Day 130

“Thy statutes have been my songs in the house of my pilgrimage.”  Psalms 119:54

Yesterday the psalmist was remarking how he finds the sins of the wicked horrifying, but this verse has him talking about how sweet the Word has been to him as he traveled through this life of scorn and around the mentioned wickedness.  He let the Word minister to him in the middle of it all.

I remember laying on the table in the hospital about to get a spinal tap.  I am such an imaginative person that I was OVER imagining the size of the needle that the doctors were about to put in my back.

I was sick and the specialists and doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me.  I had been through a large battery of tests that had yielded no results, so they decided a spinal tap was necessary.

Do you know that as I lay there on that examining table, alone, cold and scared; I didn’t start singing something by the world.  I didn’t cuss a blue streak or think about getting a drink.  No, I prayed and then I began to sing and I sang to myself God’s Word and Jesus Loves Me.

Why?  Because Christ is my Hope.  Christ is my Redeemer.  Christ is my Friend.  He and His Word have done more for me in my short 48 years than anyone else.  My “house” or my body was sick, it was ailing and in need of a touch from Heaven.  Where else could I have turned?

Where else can you turn?  Does the world and it’s wickedness care about you?  Are they there with something that will truly help you in those hours of desperation?

No, this world only offers me temporary numbness.  It passes by and says, “Here, I will help you forget through this pill, this drink, these friends, this vice”, but it is all a mask hiding more defeat, more pain, more despair.

God offers us joy, peace and contentment.  Even when our situation is tough and hard to bear in this body.  He is there with comfort and cheer.

Are you in the battle today?  Are you under the weight of something threatening to steal your peace?

Sing Psalms 23.

Remind yourself of your Shepherd, your Guide, your Friend.

Let God’s Word dwell in you and you in It, because at the darkest hour, He will be present, as He ALWAYS is, and the Word will carry you through.

Until Next Time, Lord willing,


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