Day 127

“This is my comfort in my affliction: for thy word hath quickened me.”  Psalms 119:50

For the past several weeks I have blogged my way through the first 49 verses of Psalm 119.  I have been very simplistic in the hopes of challenging anyone who reads this blog to get into the Word.  That really has been the focus – READ YOUR BIBLE!

If we are not reading the Word as a child of God then I am pretty sure we are failing at our day to day lives.  There is no way to “walk spiritually minded” and not read God’s Word on a daily basis.  We must be confronting ourselves with His Truths in order to behave.  We are like sheep and can get off into trouble so quickly when we don’t follow the Shepherd.

Today, the verse we are looking at is a reminder from the psalmist about what the Word of God has done for him.  It has comforted him and restored him.  He is inspired by God to pen these words.  This is important because he is letting us know the power that is available to us through the Book we let gather dust during the week because we are too busy doing other things.

I believe we need to have some Scriptures that we can run to for certain times in our lives.  Kind of like our “Go To” passages that will have an impact on us and our situation.  Not that any part of the Bible is less powerful or meaningful, but there are passages that can really help quicken us when we are needing It in specific times

One of those passages for me is Romans 8.  I think this chapter covers a LOT of areas in our lives.

  • It deals with our choice to walk after God and not the flesh (vs 1-4)
  • It deals with the reality of what sin and sinful living is (5-10)
  • It deals with the power of God that dwells in us (vs 11)
  • It deals with our position in Christ (vs 12-17)
  • It deals with the hope we have in Christ (vs 18-25)
  • It deals with what the Spirit does for us as we pray (vs 26-27)
  • It deals with Who and How Powerful our God really is (vs 28-34)
  • It deals with how much God really does love us (vs 35-39)

When I need to immediately bring my life into focus, I run and read Romans 8.  And I find correction, comfort, compassion and care.  I end up with the same state of mind as the psalmist in today’s verse, I am thankful for His Word and It’s supernatural ability to help me be more than passive about my life.  It quickens me and makes me alive.

Don’t neglect the Word.  Read it and follow it.

Until Next Time, Lord willing,




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