Day 123

“I will speak of thy testimonies also before kings, and will not be ashamed.”  Psalms 119:46

I am so tired of the pressure we feel as Christians to be silent lest we offend someone.  A few churches and people who have immaturely mistaken zeal for permission to browbeat folks has unfortunately stuck a label on us all when we speak about Christ.  It is so sad.

I feel it, so I know you must as well.  You don’t want anyone to lump you in with “the crazies”.  So should we be silent to appease the lost masses?

Absolutely NOT.

We hold in our hands freely (for the moment) the Book that contains the answers for all the problems mankind faces.  We should NEVER hide these Answers from our fellow man.

The psalmist once again is so enthralled with God’s Word that it gives him a boldness to speak of those Things even in front of those in power.

At the time of this writing, I am sitting at a Starbucks in Valencia, California.  People are coming and going and I doubt any of them know I am writing about God and His Word over here in my little corner of the shop.  There are different ethnicities, gender and ages around me.  And something inside me wants to share God with each of them.

Why?  Because I know the Book I am writing about can transform any life on this planet.  And the more I read It and let It transform me, the more I am emboldened to share it with others.

Look, the enemy sure isn’t embarassed about pushing his agenda and heresy!  I was at Santa Monica pier yesterday and the enemy had someone there with Buddhist teachings trying to share, there was a fortune teller, tarot cards, filthy music, and immorality happening in just about every direction I looked.  All I had wanted was to walk to the end of Route 66 and show my daughter for the first time, the Pacific that my God had created.   But the devil made sure I saw a lot of him first.  He isn’t a coward, so I can’t be.

Let’s speak of God.  Let’s do more than just go to church and fill a pew.  Let’s do more than teach SS and be a missionary.  Let’s actively seek to testify of God and never ever be ashamed of being a Christian.

Until Next Time, Lord willing,


One thought on “Day 123

  1. Sharon Loyd

    Exactly! I sat in the mall getting my nails done and the man across from me talked of Buddha! He didn’t understand me as I tried to share Jesus and even said, “I was a Christian for about a year, but…..” No, you never met my Jesus! My heart wanted to burst wide open for him and the others on their way to hell. God help us to be bold and speak Jesus.


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