Day 122

“And I will walk at liberty: for I seek thy precepts.”  Psalms 119:45

The day of my Grandma Miller’s funeral, I dressed in a nice dress and drove to Walmart a few hours before the service.  I walked to the back of the store where the sewing department was and picked out a size G crochet hook.  I stood there and cried for a few minutes as I thought on the woman who had been one of my closest friends from birth.

One of the things Grandma liked doing with my sister and me was to crochet.  She taught her skill to us both with much patience and love.  That day as I viewed her white hair and wrinkled hands one last time, I leaned over and stuffed the crochet hook by her side.  It didn’t mean anything to anyone else but Stephanie and me because I think Stephanie did the same thing, but it was our way of thanking Grandma for investing in our lives as women.

You see it wasn’t the crocheting itself that was important, but the time we spent with Grandma and the things we learned from her while she taught us how to hold the hook, change the yarn and finish off a piece of work.  Those moments were priceless and I dare say my sister and I miss that about her more than anything.

The last few verses we have looked at in Psalms 119 are basically crocheted together with sentiment from the psalmist of how he feels about God’s Words and what they mean to him.

He doesn’t want to be separated from the teaching of God (vs 43) he wants to keep and obey the teachings of God (vs 44) and he wants to learn more about the teachings of God (vs 45).

I absolutely love this chapter of the Psalms.  It puts the focus of my life right where it needs to be.  Completely interlaced and woven together in God.

I long for the day when I can be with my Creator in eternity, but I am glad, so very glad, He doesn’t leave me without a way to walk with Him while passing through down here on earth.

We can walk at liberty in God FREELY when we are obeying His Word.  Nothing else will be able to put us into bondage.  When we are walking in the Spirit we will not fulfill the desires of the flesh and fall prey to its chains of slavery once more.

When you crochet you loop together yarn forming stitches that will eventually bind the whole project together.  Each stitch strengthens the whole.  And that is exactly what a daily walk with God will do for you.  It will strengthen you and keep you seeking for more that will give you that fulfilled life in Christ until you are the completed project one day in glory.

Don’t miss out on dwelling in Him or you might become unraveled and in a big tangled heap.

Until Next Time, Lord willing,


One thought on “Day 122

  1. Sweet, sweet memories. Thank you for reminding me of here on this day. Her birthday is in a couple of weeks…106 years since 1912.
    I still remember that I got my SYLVAN job on her funeral day. I was in y’all’s van when I got the call. It was a great memory for me.


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