Day 115

“Stablish thy word unto thy servant, who is devoted to thy fear.”  Psalms 119:38

The psalmist has been pointing out things that he wants to be careful with and things he should be focused on, now he asks God to fulfill His promises of help.

Obviously we KNOW and BELIEVE that God cannot fail us or lie concerning His promises, so we are on sure footing when we rely solely on Him for our help in the time of temptation and the time of need.

When we rented our sheep farm in southern Brazil we went almost a year or more without internet.  We lived so far out into the country that there was no company that provided service near us.

One day we heard about a man who had started his own business of radio internet.  He installed a tower on a mountain in our vicinity and was able to pull a signal from it to the farms in our area.

As with everything in Brazil, it took months to finally contact this man and get him to schedule a time when he could come out and install an antenna for us.  But, finally the day arrived when he came over and he got busy running wires and checking signals.  The kids and I were all in the kitchen talking about what we were going to do first once he got it installed.  The boys were going to play a pirate game, the girls were going to check some Tinkerbell game and Neopets, but I was going to email my folks and check my facebook.

To say that our family was excited about having regular internet service again was an understatement.  You’d think we had never lived in the jungle without electricity before by the way we were acting.

The internet guy, Adair, made his way to the roof to adjust the satélite dish one last time when suddenly he came crashing through head first to the tile floor below.  Blood began seeping from his head onto the pale beige tile of our walkway and only soft moans were heard bubbling out of his throat.

The ambulance arrived within an hour and carted him off to the hospital where he was found to have cracked his skull, ribs and broken his wrist.  He made a full recovery, but we all knew it could have been much, much worse.

Adair made an error that day as he walked across the roof on top of our green house.  He had climbed onto the part of the roof that was solid, but he didn’t pay attention that the support beneath his feet changed after a few yards.  You see, the builder of the house had created an area of translucent roofing material so it would act as natural lighting for the walkway beneath.  Adair placed his full weight on one of those sheets and it splintered like thin ice.

Every day you and I get up to read the Word it starts us out on sure footing.  As we travel through our day and depend on It’s promises, we continue to stand on a firm foundation.  But the moment we are led astray or allow our spirits to wander, we are susceptible to falling.  And that fall could cost us everything.

I am speaking in generalities, but each of you reading these words can think of areas in your life where you stray to thin, weak support.  You play Russian roulette with your life and your testimony for the simple reason that you don’t ask God to stablish His Word in your heart.

Be vigilant.  Be focused.  Stay on the firm foundation of God’s Word.

Until Next Time, Lord willing,



2 thoughts on “Day 115

  1. Sharon Loyd

    Ain’t it the truth! I believe as we get tired during the day, our bodies tell our mind what to do. Too bad, because God has given us everything we need for every day, minute by minute, second by second.


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