Day 114

“Turn away mine eyes from beholding vanity; and quicken thou me in thy way.”  Psalms 119:37

In today’s verse it seems the psalmist is making a real effort towards obtaining spiritual victory by asking God to turn his eyes away from sin and being made alive to do what is right.  I can’t help but think of how much sin would never be committed if we would just simply turn our eyes and our heads away from it.

Not only does it take the act of turning away, but the act of being focused in the Word.  The Bible will make us remember what God thinks of sin and in the moment of temptation we will be able to grab hold of a verse and keep ourselves from doing wrong. Don’t think I am telling the truth?  Try it for yourself.

Personally, I believe we leave too much of our Christian lives up to chance.  We gamble with it as if we really won’t ever fall into sin.  That is a dangerous way to live!  You and I have NO idea what tomorrow will hold and what temptation will be lurking in our paths.  How can we just skip through life without being ready and armed with the Scripture so that we have the wisdom to turn away!

Ask the preacher who is behind bars today if he thinks it was worth it to keep looking and not turn his eyes away from temptation.  I guarantee you that he will hang his head and warn you to not leave your life to chance.

One time my mother in law was visiting us in the Amazon and she wanted to take the children to see the animals at a little zoo on the army base.  There were anacondas, tapir, hawks, parrots, Scarlett macaws, jaguars, panthers and wildcats among other interesting animals to see.  Mark led our family along the sandy pathways and to each exhibit.  When he got to the wildcats, he told Wyatt who was maybe 4 at the time, to not get close to the cage.  The wildcat watched Wyatt but didn’t move.  It would appear the heat of the Amazonian sun was enough to zap the strength of the wildlife there that day as well as the humans.

Well, Wyatt decided he needed a closer view of the wildcat in order to give it a proper inspection.  As soon as he got by the cage, that wildcat shot towards him, reached through the bars and grabbed by son by the arm.  Thankfully, Mark was able to rescue him before Wyatt suffered anything more than some scratches.

Isn’t that just what happens to us when we are just strolling through our days without asking God to purposefully help us in the way?  We end up seeing something that grabs our attention and we think we need a closer look.  And, before we know it, sin has us in it’s ugly dangerous grasp.

Let’s be wise about our lives!  Dwelling in God isn’t just for us to feel better emotionally.  We should dwell in Him because it makes us alert as we live our lives for Him here on earth.  Let’s be vigilant, turn our eyes away from that which isn’t right and ask God to help quicken us in the way!

Until Next Time, Lord willing,


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