Day 110

“HE. Teach me, O LORD, the way of thy statutes; and I shall keep it unto the end.”  Psalms 119:33

The psalmist prays eight different times in this entire chapter for the Lord to teach him His statutes.  There is such an emphasis on this prayer being made over and over that it really does show the heart of the man writing it and the value God places on us learning of Him by inspiring the psalmist to pen the words.

I spent many many hours in my grandma’s kitchen asking her to teach me to do what she was doing.  I would sit at the kitchen island and watch her hands make hamburgers, biscuits, blackberry cobbler, peas, stew, cake, etc.  She wouldn’t let me by with just a hurried job. She had no problem getting on to me if I skipped a step in making the cole slaw or if I didn’t add the ingrediants in the right manner.

Why?  Why did she go to such great lengths to teach me?

One, because I asked her to, but mostly because she wanted me to learn.

There was something about those ladies who had seen the war and the depression.  They had an outlook on life that women don’t possess today.  Those ladies knew what hard work it was to keep a home, care for their husbands and children and cook for large extended families.

My grandma’s eyes would twinkle when I would knock on her door and drink buttermilk with her.  She would tell me stories about her childhood as we would walk to the garden with her old wooden cane and we would pick peas to shell or gather eggs.  She would open the freezer in her barn and choose something for us to cook the next day and comment about how she ate so much cabbage during her childhood she didn’t think she would have ever eaten it again.  But she taught me how to fry up the bacon and add it to boiled cabbage so I would know how to prepare it.

I think of my grandma every single day of my life, especially when I pull out a pot to start dinner.  She and my mama taught me how to be a wife and mom.  I have a desire to follow the way they taught me to do things until the day I am no longer physically able.

That’s kind of the way I think the psalmist looks at learning from God.  He enjoys his relationship with the LORD so much that he wants to learn more.  He knows enough about life to understand that he will REALLY make a mess of things if God doesn’t guide him along the way.

The psalmist also has a purpose, just like we talked about yesterday, he is running toward something and he tells God today that he wants to keep and do all that he learns until he dies.

Oh that we would have such a committed heart.  I get so convicted when I study this chapter.  I want to have that same goal and zeal for God.  Yet, I find myself distracted by problems, people, and pride.

I chose to study and write about this psalm as I go through this time in my life because I know I need direction, but I also want to live it.  And I believe living it requires that I dwell in Him MORE than I dwell in anything else.

On days when I feel alone, I need to turn to Him and remember I am in His presence and NEVER alone.

On days when I feel unloved, I need only to look at the cross and the empty grave and I know that I am more than loved, I am cherished.

On days when I am betrayed, I need only to reach out my hand in prayer and talk to Him who knows what that feels like.

On days when my path is darkened and I can’t figure out a way to go, I need only to pray the same prayer of the psalmist and ask God to teach me and then follow.

My sister posted something about what to do when you are in a trial and that is to do the next thing.  I think that is sound advice.  Just take the next step, complete the next project and ask God to teach you what it is He wants you to learn.  Don’t get in a hurry to get it over with like I would in the kitchen with my Grandma.  Follow His instructions and do it in the process that HE wants.

Dwell and learn.

(Today’s blog picture is of my grandma walking with my oldest son when he was about 3 years old)  She never tired from teaching the next generation.  She is on home with the Lord now and I can’t go knock on her door to sit a spell and crochet or drink sweet tea.  That’s because she was human.  God isn’t.  He never tires, He will never die and He is ALWAYS available to learn from!  Just go pick up your Bible and get to class!

Until Next Time, Lord willing,



Today’s reading: Numbers 31 / Jeremiah 9 – 10 / Psalm 117 – 118 / Luke 11

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