Day 109

“I will run the way of thy commandments, when thou shalt enlarge my heart.”  Psalms 119:32

The psalmist isn’t being casual about his desire to learn more, understand more, and do more for God.  He isn’t talking about sauntering towards life in a round about way to get to God and His Testimonies.

No, he is being zealous.

You know there is a difference in running away from something and running towards something.

When my kids were little I would walk them down to the banks of the Rio Negro in the Amazon and I would let them swim with their friends.  There was one spot in front of the Catholic Church that was a favorite of the younger crowd because there was places to jump from and show off their skills.  My children loved it.

The weather is always hot there, and a refreshing dip into the river was sometimes just what the kids needed to get them cooled off before supper.

One day, we were out there and the children were splashing away when one of the local families brought their pet otter to the swimming hole.  It looked so cute,  but the otter is referred to as the jaguar of the water with good reason.  It has some mean looking teeth on it.

Well, Katie was swimming around with one of her friends on her back when the little girl called her attention to something beside them.  At first Katie thought she was looking at a rock until she realized she was face to face with the otters big eyes, whiskers, and teeth.

Katie screamed and swam for the nearest canoe and pulled herself out of the water thinking she was safe, but that otter swam up and got into the canoe with her and came after her.  She jumped back into the water and swam as fast as she could to get away from it as it followed.  Eventually one of the boys got it’s attention and Katie was safe and sound.

The psalmist isn’t running from something in today’s verse like my daughter ran from that otter.  He isn’t in fear of what’s behind him but he is zealous for what is in front of him.

What was in front of him?  Gods Testimonies.

How did he know those testimonies were good and something to be zealous about?  God had enlarged his heart and given him the desire to need and want God.  I love that.

God invites us every single day to come to Him and find help, knowledge, wisdom and love in Him and His Word.

Ask Him to give you the desire to want more of His Word.  Be zealous about giving it your all to draw closer to the One Who offers you life and peace.

Until Next Time, Lord willing,



Today’s reading:  Numbers 30,/ Jeremiah 7-8 / Psalm 116 / Luke 10

2 thoughts on “Day 109

  1. Sharon Loyd

    Every day right choices can be made for that day, if only we look at God and receive His Word as the true way to walk. So simple, yet difficult if we keep wanting our own way. We gri


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