Day 106

“Remove from me the way of lying: and grant me thy law graciously.”  Psalms 119:29

I remember one time I was on a trip to the capital when we lived in the Amazon.  I was suffering with a bad back and someone had told us that an American Chiropractor was going to be holding a clinic in the area and I could get in for free.

We didn’t have money to purchase a plane ticket or even a cabin on the 3 tiered riverboat for this trip, so I took an old hammock and slung it up next to the other hundred passengers on the boat.  I didn’t know the guy next to me or the woman on the right, so I kept an eye on my bag.

Now, one of the downfalls of taking this 24 hour trip on the boat was that I had to share a bathroom with everyone else.  Male and female.  The bathroom and shower were all one little compartment and I don’t have to tell you how absolutely FILTHY those things could get.

I waited until the middle of the night-since I couldn’t sleep anyway-and I grabbed my shower bag and headed to the bathroom.  Afterwards I came back to my hammock and saw that it had been tossed.

No, not tossed into the river, rather, it had been rifled through and my wallet was laying there-completely empty.

I have been robbed so many times in Brazil that I can’t even count, but I will tell you, it always surprises me.

I went to the guy running things and he and the other men tossed the hammocks and bags of the people next to me.  Most of the boat had gathered around by now to see who had done what and I just wanted the nightmare to be over.

Everyone was questioned, and of course, someone lied.  I never found my money, although God had given it back to me MANY times over as the years have passed.

And that wasn’t the last time someone stole from me and that wasn’t the last time someone lied to me.

Lying can be one of those things that changes a missionary’s heart towards the people God has called him to reach.  If I allowed myself to, I would become very cynical and harsh towards people in Brazil.  I would make others pay for what a few have done.  That is silly, but it is a VERY real obstacle for missionaries, believe me.

I can sense the psalmist in today’s verse pleading with God to remove lying from him with such desire, can’t you?  Now, I am sure he was referring to those that would lie about the Truth of God and His Person, and not money that had been removed from his wallet, but he was tired of the liars, nonetheless.

He asked God to grant him His law, not to judge the liars, but for It’s doctrine and the understanding of It in grace.

I want that from God too.  I want to Him to shut out the voice of the world and the voice of other Christians who contradict the Truth.  And I want God to grant me understanding of His Word so I can KNOW what is right and what is wrong.

In this day and age when we have so many books, podcasts, videos and shows that are FULL of lies about God, we better be in the Word learning His Grace and what is Truth.

Jesus told us where we could find Truth:

“Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.”  John 17:17

Dwell in the Word today.  It won’t lie to you.

Until Next Time, Lord willing,



Today’s reading: Numbers 27 / Jeremiah 1-2 / Psalm 112-113 / Luke 7

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