Day 95

“Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.”  Psalms 119:18


The main purpose of this blog is to take time this year to dwell in God, in His Word and dwelling in His Ways.  God isn’t just a passing fancy or a security blanket in the life of a human being – at least He shouldn’t be.  His words are breathed into something tangible that we can pick up and read to guide us every single day and through every single situation.  That is a really wonderful thought because my life is complicated and I need help in living it!

Here in today’s verse we are looking at in Psalm 119 it looks as though the psalmist is wanting the same thing you and I do: help.  He realizes that he needs God to help him see in the way God does.  Do you ever ask God to help you see and understand His Word when you read it?  Do you ever take a situation you are facing and ask God to help you see it the way He does?  It will change things if you do!

One time I was getting ready for church and I had come out into the kitchen to wipe down the counters before we left.  I was hanging the kitchen towel on the stove handle when Amelia came running to tell me that someone was hollering for help outside.  I took off out the front door to the dirt road that runs in front of our farm and listened.  “Ajude!  Me ajude!” cried a little boy’s voice.  (Help!  Help me!)  His voice came from the pasture across the road, but I couldn’t see him.  Here I was in my dress clothes and there was a 5 row barbed wire fence separating me from going any further.  I called out to him and tried to pinpoint where he was.  The kids ran down the road trying to get a better look as well.  I listened to the boy’s terrified voice and it dawned on me that it was coming from a large ravine.  My first thoughts were that he had either fallen and hurt himself or there was a snake.  I looked around for anyone else that may have heard him, but the other farmhouses were too far away.  I told Sam to find a space to crawl through the fence while I ran and got Mark.  To make a long story short, Sam found the boy down in the ravine unharmed.  He was crying because our Saint Bernard, Victoria, had come after him.  He had often crossed that pasture carrying a stick and hollering things at our dogs, and I guess that day that Victoria had gotten a belly full and gone after him.  Sam helped him out and we held Victoria back while he ran home and the crisis came to an end.

I have been in life situations like this little boy, haven’t you?  I have gotten myself into a quagmire and there seems to be no way out and no help to be had.  I have had to call out to God to help me and He ALWAYS has!

Just yesterday I had to be downtown at the DMV with my children.  Only problem was I had been up all night with one of the worst migraines I have ever had.  It was the kind that make me sick and nauseous as well as taking the pain level near a ten.  I didn’t think I could make it, but it was the only appointment we could get before we travel.  I was in a rock and a hard place.  I asked Amelia to help me see things as I drove.  I would close my eyes and bend my head at each stop light until she told me it was green.  Just about the time we got to the downtown square, I felt my stomach lurch.  I grabbed a shopping bag and got sick.  Thankfully we paused at a redlight.  By the time I parked the car I knew I needed supernatural help if I was going to make it through waiting in the DMV.  Before I opened my door I prayed out loud, “Help me God, help me to do this!  I need Your help!”  Would you believe that we got the nicest lady I have ever met at an office like this?  She didn’t gripe at me, bark at me or anything.  She took both the kids at the same time and we were in and out in record time.  My head still hurt, but I was able to function and I didn’t get sick or have to run for a trash can.  If you suffer from migraines you know what a feat this was.  God helped me.  He had heard my cry for help.

When we need that extra helping hand to open our eyes to His Word because we are seeking Him, God hears our cry.  We are His children and wether we have been run into a deep ravine in life or we are in physical pain, He wants to help us.  He wants to open our eyes to behold wondrous things in His Word that will guide us in the difficult times and shed light on His Person so we can glorify Him and His name.

Open up your Bible and ask Him for help.  He will give you what you need and He will show you Who He really is.

Until Next Time, Lord willing,



Today’s reading: Numbers 16 / Isaiah 49-50 / Psalm 99-100 / James 1

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