Day 80

“They also do no iniquity: they walk in his ways.”  Psalms 119:3

This last verse in this part of the chapter sums up what we are examining.  Can man be happy?  Can man be unhappy?  The contrast proves that happiness can be found by dwelling in the Word and obedience to It and unhappiness is had when the Word of God and obedience to It is not present in our lives.

Kind of a simple formula isn’t it?  Yet we struggle with it in a useless tug of war day in and day out then wonder why we aren’t growing as Christians.

Lages, the city where we have our church, has a downtown square filled with stores and businesses.  A few years ago they built a mall, but the majority of the population still shops downtown in an area called “Centro”.



The European culture is very dominant in our city and many of the streets are made of cobblestone.  Have you ever tried to walk on cobblestone?  How about uneven sidewalks?  If you want to break an ankle, try walking on them in heels.  It’s great.



I cannot tell you the times when we first moved to Lages that I headed out downtown to take care of bills and errands (and shopping….come on, I am a woman, I like shoes) and I would forget about the sidewalks and cobblestone streets.  I would have on my heels or nice shoes and would literally walk like a moron down the street trying to miss the holes and dips, but inevitably I would trip.  I tore up a LOT of shoes before I finally got smart enough to wear tennis shoes or flats when I had to go to Centro. I guess I am just a slow learner.


I could go back down town in six inch stilettos, nothing is stopping me but wisdom.  I know that there is a high probability that I will fall down or stumble should I wear those shoes.  Wouldn’t it be silly of me to ignore the wisdom of a flat shoe on uneven paths?

Wouldn’t it be silly of me to attempt Christian living without walking in His ways?

Look, you and I both are tempted every day with something.  Sometimes it is to sulk, other times it may be to argue, be lazy or ignore Scripture.  Whatever the temptation is, we know that it will be a lot easier to avoid falling prey to it if we are steadily walking in HIS ways and following the sound counsel of HIS Word.

What kind of shoes are you wearing in this life?  You will put them on to live today, make a wise choice.  It could keep you from falling down.

Until Next Time, Lord willing,



Today’s reading: Leviticus 21 / Isaiah 11-12 / Psalm 77 / Mark 11

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