Day 78

On the black waters of the upper Rio Negro you have to really know where you are going when piloting a boat.  The jungle oft times appears to spread out in front of you and it will seem like everything is closed off, but passages are easily found by those who have traveled there many times.

There is an imaged etched in my mind of one of the men from our village who used to sit at the bow of our boat guiding Mark through the flooded rainforest when we first started going to Bulixu to minister.  He would simply raise his hand and kind of wave it sideways in the direction we needed to go.  Sometimes I thought he was crazy because it didn’t look like there was an opening, but the closer we got, the clearer the way became to my eyes.  That man never got us lost and he taught Mark the way so well that Mark eventually could travel it without help.

Every now and then when Mark and I are in the car and following our GPS I will raise my hand and wave it in the same manner that man from the village did.  We smile and remember those years with fondness.

The Bible says:

“ALEPH. Blessed are the undefiled in the way, who walk in the law of the LORD.”  Psalms 119:1

Blessed, as you know, means happy.

I want to be happy.  Some days it is easier than others isn’t it?  We have ups and we have downs as far as emotions and hormones go, but emotional satisfaction shouldn’t ever determine our true, inner happiness.

Through the years I have tested things on myself that make me feel emotionally satisfied.  The color yellow, a hug from my children, birds, and writing are a few of the things that I know create a feeling of happiness in my spirit.  And yet, those things don’t bring me lasting happiness because yellow can fade, children move away, birds fly off and I can’t write for 24/7.  So if I am depending on exterior prompts for my disposition of happiness, I will eventually find myself lacking.

Then what?

My mom and dad have taught me that nothing else matters but God, His Word and honoring those two things with my life.  Basically they have taught me to base everything on God’s Word and THAT is where I can look to find more than emotional satisfaction.  I will find happiness there.

For the next several weeks we are going to dwell in Psalms 119 and what God has to say about our lives based on the power of His Word.

That man from Bulixu knew where he was going in those winding rivers and streams in the Amazon.  He knew all the in’s and out’s to help us arrive safely at our desitination, even something blocked our path, he knew where to turn around and how to get beyond the obstacle.  He taught Mark over and over until Mark knew the way so well, he has NEVER forgotten it.

And that is just what the Word does for us about living our lives here on earth.  When it looks like there is no way through, the Bible always has principles to guide our thinking, our actions and our direction.  It teaches us over and over until we are fluid in our response and grow in our knowledge of how to live here in this old world while we try and honor God with our lives.

I need that direction and that help so I can have true happiness and walk undefiled (entirely/ soundly/ truthfully, whole) in the way God has placed before me as a wife, mom and daughter.

Read His Word, dwell in It and let It lead you.  Be more than just emotionally satisfied, be blessed.

Until Next Time, Lord Willing,



Today’s reading: Leviticus 19 / Isaiah 7-8 / Psalm 75 / Mark 9

2 thoughts on “Day 78

  1. Sharon Loyd

    “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven:” Eccl. 3:1……. Psalm 119? Get ready for this most unusual journey. It was life or death for me around your same age. Every verse I literally would hang on to…..It was my season and without the Word, I would have died. Eccl. 3:14 “I know that whatsoever God doeth, it shall be for ever; nothing can be put to it nor anything taken from it: and God doeth it, that men should fear before him.”


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