Day 73

I believe that Christ can transform any hopeless situation, don’t you?  I don’t believe there is one person on the face of the earth that He sees that wasn’t worth His blood being shed on Calvary.

Everyone is able to be saved if they place their faith in Christ.  And everyone deserves the chance to hear the Gospel.  If I didn’t believe that I wouldn’t be a missionary and go through all that I do!

My dad worked in a junior church many years ago where there were a lot of children who attended because they rode the church bus.  These boys and girls came from all sorts of homes and family situations.  Many of them appeared quite hopeless, especially one young man who came every week.  This boy would come with his shoes on the wrong feet, uncombed hair, and dirty clothes – but he came every single week.

One day as the preaching in the junior church came to the point of the bowing of heads and an invitational call, dad saw the boy with the wild hair and opposite shoes raise his hand for salvation.  He held it up high and waited for one of the workers to come over, so dad grabbed his Bible and started towards him.  About that time, another man walked over and pushed the young fella’s hand down and gave my dad a look like, “Dont bother”.  But it did bother my dad.  He walked over to the other worker and asked what was going on and was told that the boy “wasn’t all there” so there wasn’t a need to waste his time.

Now, my dad is a man who walks with God.  He doesn’t apologize for it or try and hide it. He knows very well when the Holy Spirit is pricking his heart to do something.  That Sunday as dad looked at the young wild-haired boy, he knew that he couldn’t ignore him.  So Dad led him to a table and began going through the plan of salvation.  The boy would listen intently and only respond with one word answers.  Dad showed him verse-by-verse  what the Bible said, and he emphasized that the Book he was reading from was the Bible, God’s Word.  He asked him if he wanted to pray and the boy said, “Yes!” So, Dad told him how he could pray, but left it up to the boy.  They bowed their heads and Dad was shocked when he heard the young boy pray in a complete sentence telling God he was a sinner and wanted Jesus to save him.  When he finished, Dad looked him in the eye and placed his hands on his shoulders and asked him if he was saved.  The boy nodded his head up and down and reverted back to one word answers and said, “Yes!” So my dad asked, “How do you know you are saved?” The answer was loudly given, “Bible!” Dad told him, “One of these days I am going to see you on the street and asked you if you are saved!

Years went by, and as the boy grew, he didn’t ride the bus any longer.  Dad had not seen him in years, but always wondered how he was doing.  Well, one night as my dad and mom were out inviting people to church, Dad knocked on an old torn screen door and an old woman who was smoking a cigarette asked who it was.  Dad told her that he was from the church and inviting people to come with him to the next service.  As soon as he said his name and where he was from, the door swung open and a big 6 ft guy barreled out and hugged Dad  saying, “Mr. Loyd! Mr. Loyd!” It was that boy from junior church. His hair was still wild and his clothes were still dirty but Dad placed his hands on his shoulders and asked him, “Are you saved?” And he said, “Yes!” Dad asked how did he know? And the boy responded, “the Bible!”

That young man appeared to be a hopeless situation to some.  They thought he would never understand and had made the conscious decision to not attempt to tell him how to get saved but my dad believed in the Scripture that said, “But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:”  John 1:12

That boy got saved during the one little time in his life that he was in church and hearing the Word of God.  And God used my dad to lead him through the Scripture.

You will never waste your breath when you are talking about God, Salvation and the Word.

Jesus knew the Pharisees were watching him in Mark 3 to see if He would heal on the Sabbath day.  But Jesus also knew that He had the opportunity to heal a man whose hand was withered.  Christ’s compassion for this man was great.  He was grieved at the lack of interest for this man and the Bible says He was angered and grieved because the Pharisees’ hearts were hardened.  So, Jesus went against the grain and healed the man with the messed up arm.  He also came in that Junior church room the day that my dad watched that young boy raise his hand for salvation only to have it pushed back down.

God help us to never over look someone who wants to be saved.  May we always look beyond and see them through Christ’s eyes.

If we dwell in God’s Word and read and study It everyday, we will be influenced greatly by the verses.  Our thinking will begin to change and be more like Christ’s.  We will begin seeing others who are being overlooked and we will be ready to do something about it based on God’s Word.

May we dwell in the Scripture and be reminded to go into ALL the world and tell EVERY creature that Jesus loves them and wants to save them.

Until Next Time, Lord willing,



Today’s reading: Leviticus 14 / II Kings 24-25 / Psalm 70 / Mark 4

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