Day 64

Years ago there were two young men serving in the Brazilian army together.  One of of these men was a born again believer and he constantly witnessed to his buddy who was a staunch Catholic. Their difference in religion did not stop them from forming a friendship that lasted decades and the two men stayed in touch no matter where they roamed geographically.  But the saved soldier never stopped praying for his friend.

As the years passed and both men entered into retirement, one from politics and one from banking, they ended up living near one another once more in the state of Santa Catarina.

Meanwhile, back in North America there was a family of six who was seeking God’s face about where to plant their next church.


They prayed over 24 of the 26 states in Brazil and God kept shutting doors until they began praying for the next to the last state of Santa Catarina where, unbeknownst to them, the two soldiers lived.  The husband and wife flew down to visit the area and traveled to many of the major cities and prayed for God to show them where to settle.  Once again, God began closing doors as they traveled from city to city.  They decided to travel further into the heart of the state and came upon a city named Lages and God moved in their hearts.  The burden was so heavy that they spent several days paused in Lages while they prayed about God’s will.  It was evident God wanted them there and it was settled their hearts.  Their family would move to this mountain city of 150,000 people and begin sharing the Gospel.



The family moved lock, stock, and barrel to this city without knowing one single person.  They didn’t have a car, so they walked everywhere they went as they tried to meet people and tell them about Jesus.  After several months, God crossed their paths with one of the two men who were in friends in the army.  He told them about his unsaved friend who lived about an hour outside of town and how he had been witnessing to him for so many years.  He asked the family if they would be willing to meet him because the man was finally ready to have a Bible study.  The family agreed, only there was one little problem, they had no way to get there.  So they began praying for God to make a way.

Meanwhile, back in North America, a man woke up from his sleep and went to the kitchen where he saw his wife.  He proceeded to tell her that the young missionary family in Brazil was on his heart so his wife urged him to contact them.  He immediately sent an email and asked them what they were in need of for their ministry.


When he heard they didn’t have a vehicle, he didn’t think twice.  He purchased a car for them and within a month they were up in the next town holding a Bible study with the Catholic army friend.


After all the years and all the prayers, the two soldiers were no longer just “friends”, but brothers in Christ as the man and his entire family accepted Christ as their Saviour.



7FB62C0B-B319-495E-A922-010D56246103But the story doesn’t stop there.

The man not only got saved and baptized, but he began feeling as though God wanted him to do more with his life.  So he invited everyone he knew in his town to come to his house because he said he had something important to tell them.  Over a hundred people packed into his house and garage and he stood at the front and gave his testimony and then had the missionary preach.


Time passed and he still felt God wanted more from him.  So he went to seminary and answered the call to preach.

Tonight, he is behind the pulpit at the missionary’s church in Lages while the missionary family is in the US trying to raise more support.


This is a story that has spanned years and even decades.  God didn’t use one person to make all these things happen, but He used each person individually to do their part in the continuation of the story.

Never underestimate the power of what God has you doing RIGHT NOW in your life.  He can see a much larger picture and He has a specific job for you to do in His plans.  (See II Kings 5 for the story about a little maid). If you are God’s child, you have a job.

Do it.

Someone’s eternal home may depend upon it.


Until Next Time, Lord willing,



Today’s reading:  Leviticus 5 / II Kings 7-8 / Psalm 61 / Hebrews 9

3 thoughts on “Day 64

  1. Pam Green

    Praise God, Sheri! Wonderful article. Love how you are journaling your experiences as an encouragement for others. We all have a story to tell. God bless you as you raise support to return to your field of calling.
    Pam Green


  2. Bettye Liberty

    We never know who God will use to answer our prayers. I am so thankful I belong to the Lord. I am so thankful for brothers and sisters in Christ who share what God is doing for them. I am so thankful for HIS WORD.

    Sheri there is no doubt that God called you to begin this blog.


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