Day 33

I recently had the privilege of meeting a former Olympian from the country of Iran.  He is quite up there in years and was very difficult to understand because of his heavy accent.  Matter of fact, it took me several minutes to realize he had already mentioned he was from Iran.

My daughter, Amelia, gave him a Gospel booklet and tract before we parted ways and I wondered to myself, how long are his days here on earth?  He has surely lived a very interesting life and could probably sit and elaborate on what life was like in the Iran of his childhood.  He did mention to me that he was invited 3 different times to have an audience with the King.  But what about the day when he meets the King of Kings?  Will he bow the knee to His Savior or to His Judge before being cast into hell?

When we meet these random folk along the way, you and I as Christians must be prepared to share.  “…behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.” II Corinthians 6:2b

The only way we will be prepared is if we are dwelling in the Scripture and in the Lord.  Otherwise I am afraid we will miss opportunities to spread the Gospel.

We need to dwell in Him for our personal lives, but we must take in consideration the importance of dwelling in Him for the personal lives of OTHERS as well.  That is our calling as His disciples!

“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”  Mark 16:15

My friend has thousands of Gospel tracts in her home.  She places them EVERYwhere she goes.  She even mails them in cards.  She messages people online about Jesus and spends time sharing Christ with complete strangers.  She has traveled the world from China to Wales and beyond.  She has met many people, and given them the Gospel.  She is completing the calling we ALL have on our lives as His children.  She is telling every creature about Jesus Christ in every form available to her.  But she is only able to do so because she has an intimate relationship with the Lord.

Why?  Because she believes that TODAY is the day of Salvation.

Do you and I dwell in God enough to know enough about what He has to say about Himself?  Do we know how to lead someone to know Him?  Are we in and out of the Word enough to have a fluid conversation about Jesus Christ with someone we have never met?

Let’s dwell in Christ and His Word for the purpose of sharing Him with others!

  • Share the Light
  • Share Salvation
  • Share the Word

I don’t know who I will meet today, but I do know I want to be prepared.

Until Next Time, Lord willing,



Today’s reading: Exodus 9-10 / II Samuel 5 / Psalm 31 / Acts 6

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