Day 23

The Amazon heat and mold have been very unkind over the years to my photos, videos and keepsakes.  I have lost most of the printed pictures from the early years of my marriage and of the children when they were small.  So, from time to time I go through my boxes while on the field so that I can look through things and see if anything else has gotten destroyed.  Sometimes it isn’t the heat or mold, but the rats that are my worst enemy.  They can chew through anything and everything.  A few months ago I had to toss an entire container of keepsakes because rats had shredded every last bit of them into large nests.  And so it goes.

Well, one day when we were up the Rio Negro, I decided I would check on my belongings that Mark had out in his office storage area.  Being the bright, intelligent, fake blond that I am…..I stuck my hand down inside one of the boxes without looking first.  It didn’t take but a millisecond for me to feel the sting of something in that box and yank my hand out and start crying like a baby.  That was an awful, awful pain.  It could have been a scorpion, ant, caterpillar, or some other creepy crawly from the rainforest, but whatever it was, it put a hurtin’ on my hand.

I tell this story in an effort to get you to think about the word “touch”.

Touch can be a good thing, or it can be a bad thing!  (I learned that the hard way!)

I have been thinking for days about the time when children were brought to Jesus for Him to touch them and bless them. (Matthew 19, Luke 18, Mark 10)  I wonder if any of those children ever grew up and heard stories of the time they were held by our Master? Did they ever attend the early church and come to know Who Jesus really is?  I am sure His touch made a difference in their lives, don’t you?

What about the woman who had the issue of blood?  (Matthew 9, Mark 5, Luke 8) She followed Christ in order to touch His garment because she believed it would heal her.  When Jesus felt her faith touch His hem, He looked at her and told her she was healed.  I wonder what that moment must have been like as His eyes rested on hers?  Can you imagine?

  • His touch was Powerful – Matthew 17:7 He touched Peter, James and John after He was transfigured and Peter writes about being an eyewitness to His power in 2 Peter 1:16!
  • His touch was Personal – Luke 22:51 He touched the fellow whose ear Peter had cut off.  He said, “Suffer ye thus far” and then He healed him.
  • His touch was Passionate – Matthew 20:34 He had compassion and healed the two blind men.

He is the Potter, His touch molds us and makes us.  He has, with gentle care, picked us up and placed us on the wheel to make us into something He can use.  That perfect touch!

Dwell on the times He has touched your life.  Has it made a difference?  Have you been changed because He paused and came to you where you were at and moved in your life?

I think we all will agree on this point, there is no denying how powerful His touch has been in all our lives.

So let me ask you a question.

Why keep the knowledge of that transforming touch from someone else?

Many people are afraid that they won’t know what to say about God to a complete stranger.  It doesn’t have to be scary!  It doesn’t have to be complicated!

We can just simply tell someone about how Jesus’ touch changed our lives.

If you can’t get excited about the time you had your sins forgiven and your name written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, then I would be skeptical about your salvation.

Just the thought that I have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb makes me want to weep, shout and tell someone else about it……all at once!

Let’s dwell in Him, but let’s be sure to share about Him to others.

If we don’t tell anyone about Jesus, I’m afraid our touch in their lives will be like that sting I got on my hand that day.  We will either influence someone for the Gospel or we will hide It from them and they will get stung by death one day and go to a devil’s hell.

How will you use the touch of Christ today?

Go tell someone what Christ did in your heart!

He will take care of the rest.

Let’s share this great Gift we have been given.  Time is short, and we must get busy!

Until Next Time, Lord willing,



Today’s reading: Genesis 40-41 / I Samuel 25 / Psalm 23 / Matthew 24

2 thoughts on “Day 23

  1. Sharon Loyd

    Great illustration! Dad and I saw an old man at Dennys last night, alone with an unkempt beard sitting on a stool with one foot messed up. I walked over to him while he was staring at Dad and me, and he began to smile. I said, “What happened to your foot?” He replied, “Diabetes wants my toe, but I’ve had her for over 70 years and need to keep her.” I began a conversation with him and found out he was a backslidden truck driver who just needed some encouragement. He took me back to his boyhood when he got saved and from there I was able to help him see that I am no different than he is and he just needed to repent and get back to business with God. When I left, he was smiling. Dad is going to call this old man’s preacher today and see if he remembers him and maybe, just maybe that *touch *is just what he needed.

    On Tue, Jan 23, 2018 at 3:17 AM, Let’s Dwell in Him wrote:

    > Sheri Edwards posted: “The Amazon heat and mold have been very unkind over > the years to my photos, videos and keepsakes. I have lost most of the > printed pictures from the early years of my marriage and of the children > when they were small. So, from time to time I go through m” >


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