Day 19

My husband was in his late 20’s when we moved to Brazil for the very first time.  We were living in a large city while studying the Portuguese language, but Mark’s heart was already out there in those small villages and on the winding waterways that covered thousands of miles of rainforest.  He knew God was leading him in that direction, so he devoted himself to studying the language and took every opportunity he had to hop in a boat and visit someone new.

One day a Brazilian missionary asked Mark if he would join him on a preaching trip on the upper Rio Negro.  The trip would last a few weeks and would give Mark ample opportunity to use his newly acquired language skills since no one, including the missionary, spoke any English.  Of course, Mark said he would go and in a few days they had gathered their needed supplies and off they went.

When they arrived in a small town where the Brazilian missionary pastored, Mark was asked to preach for the youth service.  It was going to be his very first sermon in Portuguese, so he had it all written out so he could read it word for word.  A crowd gathered in the wooden benches at the church house and Mark greeted each one.  He tells how he was nervous yet excited at the same time.  He was finally putting his calling into action and it was thrilling to see the dream come true.

The service started and Mark sat on the front bench waiting to be called when he realized the paper upon which he had written his testimony was at the house behind the church.  During one of the songs, he took off through the back door and ran towards the house.

Do you know what separated the church and the house?

A ditch.

Do you want to take a guess as to what ran in that ditch?


The only way across the ditch was a small wooden bridge.

Mark missed the bridge.

Had he been carrying a flashlight, he could have seen the way.

He preached that night with “mud” all over his shirt and pants.

Why does God’s grace teach us to deny ungodliness and worldly lusts? So that we can live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world. (Titus 2:12)

But why do we need to live soberly, righteously and godly?  Because we are looking for that blessed hope, the coming of Jesus Christ!

That is what will shine from us and illuminate from our lives as our testimony my friend!  When we are growing in the knowledge of God and dwelling in Him, we shine the light for others.

And isn’t that what this old world needs?  More light?  YES!

Let’s not let people around us fall into the ditches of sin because we aren’t shining the Light of the blessed hope!  We need to do more than check off our lists of daily Bible reading and prayer, we need to live it.

Live it when it’s hard.

Live it when you hurt.

Live it when you have nothing left to give.

Let Christ shine because you are hoping for His return.  Lifting your eyes to the hills from where your help comes!  If you keep your eyes on HIM, you will have hope in Him and it will draw others into your lighted path and THEY will see Him.

Until Next Time, Lord willing



Today’s reading: Genesis 34-35 / I Samuel 21 / Psalm 19 / Matthew 20

2 thoughts on “Day 19

  1. Bettye Liberty

    I am sitting here catching up on a few days I missed. Such an inspiration as well as making me stop and think and confess when needed. I am so thankful God is using you Sherri in this blog.


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